Natural Hair Care Routine

If you’re not satisfied with the products you are using for your hair care right now? You may need to know these best hair care tips, so you can create a unique hair regimen that gives a big impact and help you achieve healthy long hairs.

A good hair care routine is one in which you can maintain healthy and strong hair. it’s a frequent plan that is formulated to care for the hair on a long-period basis.

To create a unique hair care routine, you have to make a perfect plan first, get everything you need, then work through it, and repeat it again and again. it’s the same as doing household stints. if it works amazingly well, then you have to do it continuously, so your hair will stay healthy and in place at all levels.


No, it doesn’t mean that your hair routine or plan is suitable for someone else, to make it just right for others you need to know their hair type first. After that, you can help them to plan their routine for their hair.

You must need to take good care of your hair if you don’t take care of your hair it can trigger your hair and produce scalp problems.


A good hair care routine is not just about putting shampoo and conditioner to it. there is more to do about that. however, don’t get nervous about it, take it easy.

Now here we will discuss some hair care best tips to keep it healthy and ideal as we wish.


     Wash it daily, if not possible then you must have to wash it three to four times a week.

     Comb your hair daily, hair is also fragile, so don’t comb it when it is wet because combing wet hair may result in loss and breakage of hair.

     Protect your hair from direct sunlight. because direct sunlight affects the strength of the hair.

     Avoid using artificial products. always try to use naturally proven products.

     Don’t tight your hair for too much a long time. wearing a tightly pulled ponytail can cause permanent damage to the hair.

     Limit the use of heat styling tools to get your ideal look.

     You must have eaten healthy foods which are. Rich in proteins.

     Never use hot water to wash your hair.

     Always use cold water.

     Unlike dry hair, wet hair is more sensitive to anything it touches, I always recommended sectioning wet hair into six portions and then dry it using a towel or blow drying each section, so that you are decreasing the FC  amount of tension and friction that is being applied to fragile strands.

     If you take the proper precautions when your hair is wet can help protect the health of your hair, which will eventually lead to fine and stronger, healthier and more full looking locks.

     Almost, all stylish agree; that don’t brush your hair when it’s wet, always wet your hair first and then use a round brush to smoother rather than detangle.

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