MOBILE LIVE TV APP stands for Mobile TV App. It is an application designed for mobiles which enables internet users to stream live television from any location, any time. MOBILE is not a stand-alone application but it can be used along with other applications like Google Buzz, Viber, Lycos and many more. It is a great multi-tasking tool which streamlines the whole entertainment experience.



MOBILE is an innovative mobile streaming software with live TV and video content coming free of cost. We are working as hard as possible to bring BDCast amazing and innovative to utilize it on mobile phones. Through this app you can enjoy watching international, Indian and Bangladesh TV stations coming over all genres available. You will also be amazed to know that you get to watch later the same day or at night, on your own schedule and in the comfort of your home. All these features have been brought by experts in the field of streaming quality.


The prime advantage of MOBILE TV App is that it is an iPhone and android compatible mobile TV player. With just a simple tap on your smartphone, you will be able to watch Live TV on the go without any hassles. Moreover, it is one such app which is 100% Free of any third party advertising. With a hulu app, you can search any channel and view its respective videos in the shortest time possible. And with this unique feature, you get to watch later all the videos coming over your favourite channels.


Unlike the iplayer and hue TV, the Mobile TV App is more user-friendly and faster. It lets the users control the volume of the sound they want to hear, by selecting the desired sound from a wide range of options. Moreover, it offers great quality images and videos, along with the most excellent video and audio tracks. This interactive mobile app gives you an unprecedented experience to watch live TV on the move.


The other key advantage of the Mobile TV App is that it offers live streaming of most viewed videos, along with the latest news and weather forecast. You can also record your favourite videos to view them later, on your computer too. If you are looking for any specific channel, just enter the name and immediately it will give you list of available channels, according to your preference. And if you are looking for any movie or show, then just enter the title and it will automatically bring you the list of live channels, along with their running time.

With the Mobile TV App, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of your device as it is fully cross-compatible. Thus, the users can easily use this interactive mobile app, even if they are using several mobile devices. Also, this innovative application makes the viewing experience of the channels more enjoyable. The streaming videos are very high-definition and the images are stunning and attractive. The user-friendly interface allows the users to access all the information and play the videos back at the time of their choice.


Apart from the attractive and eye-catching features, the other key benefits of using the MOBILE live tv apps on android is the user-friendly interface. The user-friendly and smooth browsing process makes browsing through the database of live channels an enjoyable and rewarding experience. This beautiful and user-friendly interface makes browsing through the channels very enjoyable and exciting. Furthermore, there are numerous options and facilities that make the application extremely easy to operate and enjoyable. The easy to navigate menu system and the various featured programs on the screen are just few of the many additional factors that make it user-friendly.



In a nutshell, the mobile application of the popular streaming video website has been developed keeping in mind the various requirements and demands of the users. The excellent streaming quality and amazing display resolution, along with all the great functionalities such as easy to find and install the apps, excellent sound quality and multiple language support have made it popular among the masses. The unmatched service and advanced user-interface system have made it a hot favorite among the masses. Thus, it is evident that MOBILE LIVE TV App has not only revolutionized the way we watch television but also has increased the chances of earning huge amount of money on the side.

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