Enjoy Telenor Free Internet Proxy With Telenor Sim Lagao Offer

In the past few years, most mobile phones come equipped with a free service called the “telenor cell phone.” Most probably you have noticed telenor as your network provider in many countries. If not, you will realize its importance as you get familiar with different mobile phones.

With the advent of new mobile phones, there is now a new way to download music and videos, and with it the Telenor Free Internet Service. All you need to do is register your cell phone, and you are all set. The telenor free internet trick is quite easy to understand. If you wish to avail of this free internet on your Telenor sim, just follow the following tricks:

Enjoy Telenor Free Internet Proxy With Telenor Sim Lagao Offer

* 911#, to get the telenor free internet service. * 411#, to get the free mobile internet service. * 711#, for the super saver feature. You can save your selected articles, pictures or videos on your phone and save it online. This feature is also available in some other mobile phones.


*2021 mbs, for the unlimited web surfing features. *BC#, so you can share images and photos. *BD#, so you can share audio files. *CE#, so you can access the e-commerce tools and services. Also, for downloading the apps, telenor gives you a free whatsapp code.

*C#, so you can get daily free internet access. *E#, for the extra e-commerce features. The above mentioned freebies are not limited to only one network provider. You can avail these great offers of telenor at various network providers of your choice.


To get the telenor free 2GB internet, you need to sign up with the telenor online services. Just follow the given instructions and you will get a unique user id, password and PIN. Once you log in, you can browse various packages offered by the company and choose the best one as per your needs. If you do not want any monthly bill, you can sign up for an easy paisa account. A simple user account will allow you to make unlimited calls and send unlimited text messages to others. You will also get an affordable rate for the calls and messages made by you.


Telenor gives their customers several free stuffs like the telenor coupons, free laptops, free power packs and free data cards, which can be used to get unlimited calling minutes and talk time. Apart from that, other exciting free stuffs like free internet and home delivery are also being offered to the customers. Thus, the customer is also treated like king during the festive seasons, festivals and fairs.

Enjoy Telenor Free Internet

Thus, the customer is left with plenty of reasons to buy these plans, and at the same time, it will not be very difficult to look for other similar plans, which would suit your needs and budget. You can look for different telenor plans, which suits your communication needs and suit your requirements. In case, you do not get satisfied with what we have told, you can easily change the plan, and you will get the best one according to your budget and needs. For further details, you can easily visit their official site, which offers all the information related to the products and services.


This is another exciting offer from telenor which you should not miss. This free internet vpn offer allows you to connect to the web using other apps. Such as the web-based MSN Messenger, which is one of the most popular messenger software, which allows you to chat with your friends across the globe. You can also use other online tools like the calculator, weather, calculator and the international currency converter etc, so that you can enjoy free unlimited internet connectivity.


If you want to know more about this app, you can easily log on to the telenor website and know everything about it. In fact, you can even play games while you are on this free internet vpn service. To know more about the trick, you can check out the link below. This is another great offer from the telenor which you should not miss. This free vpn trick is similar to the first trick mentioned above and you can enjoy unlimited bandwidths.

Telenor Free Internet

Last but not the least, you can use this free uc browser with your Telenor Sim. This amazing free internet proxy enables you to surf various websites even while you are on the move. You just need to download the free uc browser from the official website of telenor, get connected to the net and enjoy surfing the net. In this way, you can also enjoy the free telenor sim lagao offer and remain connected to your home network even when you are on the move.


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